Free HD Audio/Video and Screen Sharing

KOMASO offers the perfect integration with Slack. Any standard user on your team can start a free call for up to 4 people in any channel by using the simple "/komaso" command. In response a call web link (URL) is posted in the channel. No account login, no password, or name or anything is needed to join a call. To invite users not on Slack simply send them the URL via text or email.

And screen sharing is included. From the browser with no software to install. A one time (10 seconds) plugin in your Chrome or Firefox browser is all you need. And anyone on the call can share.

Free Account and One-Click Slack Integration

KOMASO is free for up to 4 users on a call. Unlimited calls, even many at the time in all your channels.

To set up and allow any standard user in your account to make HD audio/video/screen sharing calls, just click the icon at the top of the page. You will be prompted for credentials by Slack to authorize KOMASO. And you are done.


Mac & Windows,

iOS & Android

KOMASO is super easy to use with Slack and it is also available wherever your team is, and on whatever device they choose. Cross-platform, cross-device, HD audio and video. Awesome.

A Modern Application

KOMASO is 100% easy. It runs in the browser on you Mac or PC. On you iOS device you install a simple app that opens up automagically when you click on a link. On Android you simply use Chrome to access KOMASO. Screensharing from a Mac or PC is similarly easy. A one time install of signed and verified browser plugin in less than 10 seconds is all that it takes.